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8 Things to Look for in Outdoor Barn Wedding Venues

outdoor barn wedding venues near me

If you’re in the early wedding planning stages and find yourself asking, “Are there any outdoor barn wedding venues near me?” – you are in luck! Maine is absolutely full of gorgeous, historic barns that can serve as the picture-perfect backdrop for your big day. That said, finding the right barn to serve as your wedding venue starts with knowing what you are looking for – things like accommodations, space, location, and cost all factor in. Narrowing down the most important details for you, your family, and your guests will help you make a decision on a barn venue! Here, we’ve put together a guide for some things to look for in outdoor barn wedding venues. Continue reading “8 Things to Look for in Outdoor Barn Wedding Venues”

Renting a Barn Venue: Factors to Consider

landscape view of barn and pond | barn to rent for events

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or even family reunion, finding a barn to rent for events is a great way to host a group for any occasion. Barns provide an elegant, charming setting for your event, with plenty of space for even the largest gathering. There are certain details involved in renting a barn for your event that are unique to this rustic setting, so we’ve put together several important factors to consider before making your decision! Continue reading “Renting a Barn Venue: Factors to Consider”

The Ultimate Checklist for an Elegant Outdoor Wedding

Windy Hill Photography | Elegant Outdoor Wedding

Nothing is more romantic than an elegant outdoor wedding; whether your location of choice is by the ocean, in a historic barn, or among wildflowers in a botanical garden, an outdoor setting makes your night truly magical. With an outdoor wedding comes a bit more planning than a more traditional one-size-fits-all venue, but it’s well worth the extra effort! Below, we’ve put together some items you don’t want to miss when planning your al fresco wedding celebration! Continue reading “The Ultimate Checklist for an Elegant Outdoor Wedding”

Why You Should Say “I Do” to a Charming Barn Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Rustic Wedding Venue | Barn Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is one of the most significant events of a person’s life, which means the backdrop of this day should be chosen with care. When planning your big day, consider what you want the venue look, feel and experience to be like. Do you want an elegant yet relaxed venue, with space for people to move about? What about having your ceremony and reception at the same location so you don’t have to worry about transportation? You can find all of these wonderful qualities and so much more with a barn wedding ceremony and reception.

Keep reading to learn why so many couples are choosing barns for their wedding day events – and why you should consider it, too! Continue reading “Why You Should Say “I Do” to a Charming Barn Wedding Ceremony & Reception”