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Memorable Wedding Ceremony Ideas: 6 Ways to “Wow” Your Guests

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Don’t just focus on the reception when thinking about your wedding day! Your ceremony can be as meaningful, inventive, and fun as the following party. Personalizing your ceremony makes it unique and special to you and your partner – not to mention, it will have your guests delighted to be a part of the experience! We’ve put together six memorable wedding ceremony ideas that are sure to “wow” your guests and make it an event they won’t soon forget! Continue reading “Memorable Wedding Ceremony Ideas: 6 Ways to “Wow” Your Guests”

How to Create a Wedding Weekend Timeline

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After you’ve spent so much time working hard to plan your wedding, you want to ensure your day goes smoothly and without a hitch! As a wedding venue, we understand that there’s so much excitement on your wedding day, it can be challenging to stay on top of all the little details. It’s so important to have a plan in place prior to the day of. Creating a wedding weekend timeline keeps everyone organized, meaning less confusion and questions on the day of your wedding so you can simply enjoy every second!  Continue reading “How to Create a Wedding Weekend Timeline”

Hosting a Weekday Wedding: What You Should Know

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You’re officially engaged, and the wedding planning process has begun. First of all, congratulations! It’s such a wonderful, exciting, and romantic time in a couple’s life together. That said, wedding planning can also get a little challenging. There are just so many intricate details that need to be figured out! As you start to look at dates and venues, consider hosting a weekday wedding – easier to plan, lower costs, better availability and an intimate guest list are just a few of the many benefits this type of wedding can offer.  Continue reading “Hosting a Weekday Wedding: What You Should Know”

7 Tips for Planning a Gorgeous Outdoor Summer Wedding

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There’s a reason summertime is peak wedding season – nothing is more idyllic than a gorgeous summer wedding! Warm weather, blooming flowers, and blue skies make for the perfect backdrop on your wedding day. That said, it’s best to be prepared for all possible scenarios when hosting your big day at a summer wedding venue, and the team at the 1812 Farm is here to help every step of the way!

Below, we’ve put together 7 tips to help guide you in planning a stunning outdoor summer wedding. Continue reading “7 Tips for Planning a Gorgeous Outdoor Summer Wedding”

12 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Event Venue

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When making a venue selection for your next event, there is no better way to gather all the necessary information than by asking the right questions! From location and date to catering options and parking, your guests’ experience at your event will rely heavily on the venue you choose, so it’s important to make your decision with all the knowledge available to you. Continue reading “12 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Event Venue”

Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Stone Cove Catering

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A major part of the wedding planning process involves catering – especially when it comes to coordinating between your caterer and wedding venue. It can be an overwhelming task with all the other wonderful chaos of wedding organizing going on! Luckily, there’s no need to take on extra work when you can invest in a venue with in-house catering services! This arrangement comes with nearly endless advantages and will likely be the best decision you make in the wedding planning process. At The 1812 Farm, we offer in-house Maine wedding catering by the incredible Stone Cove Catering. Learn more about the value their services bring to our venue and how together we can make your wedding dreams a reality! Continue reading “Wedding Vendor Spotlight: Stone Cove Catering”

7 Things the Best Rustic Wedding Venues Always Have

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Though we may be just a little bit biased, there is just no beating a barn wedding venue for your big day. It’s essentially a beautiful blank slate for you to make your wedding exactly as you’ve always dreamed it would be! With any wedding vision comes the logistical details, including accommodations, facilities, and the like. When researching and choosing your wedding space, you’ll want to be sure that it checks all the boxes both aesthetically and logically. The best rustic wedding venues always have a few important key factors at play – keep reading to learn what they are to help you make your decision! Continue reading “7 Things the Best Rustic Wedding Venues Always Have”

5 Amazing Benefits of Wedding Venues with In-House Caterers

in-house caterers

Choosing a wedding venue is often the first step of the planning process and can be extremely exciting. When you enter a space, you’re able to envision exactly how you want your wedding to look. A little less easy to picture is wedding catering for your big day – it can be overwhelming to make that kind of decision! That’s why choosing a venue with in-house caterers can be an incredible investment in your wedding day, with several advantages that come with this kind of arrangement! Continue reading “5 Amazing Benefits of Wedding Venues with In-House Caterers”

How to Plan for an Outside Wedding Ceremony

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Outdoor weddings are magical – there is nothing like celebrating a couple’s love surrounded by nature, a body of water, or the backdrop of a city. That said, there is a lot of uniqueness (and legwork!) in hosting an outside wedding ceremony because of that aspect. From weather backup plans to how you decorate, it’s important to make sure you cover all the bases when orchestrating your big day! Continue reading “How to Plan for an Outside Wedding Ceremony”

Do’s and Don’ts of Having a New England Lobster Bake for Your Event

New England Lobster Bake

If you’re hosting an event in Maine, you already know there is just something special about this state – and is all the more reason to show your guests exactly why it’s such a wonderful place! Trust us when we say there is nothing more “Maine” than a classic New England lobster bake done the old-fashioned way, which makes including it in your event festivities a no-brainer! It’s unique, locally sustainable, and such a fun way to celebrate with friends and family. Below, we’ve put together some basic dos and don’ts for your Maine lobster bake. Continue reading “Do’s and Don’ts of Having a New England Lobster Bake for Your Event”