5 Amazing Benefits of Wedding Venues with In-House Caterers

in-house caterers

Choosing a wedding venue is often the first step of the planning process and can be extremely exciting. When you enter a space, you’re able to envision exactly how you want your wedding to look. A little less easy to picture is wedding catering for your big day – it can be overwhelming to make that kind of decision! That’s why choosing a venue with in-house caterers can be an incredible investment in your wedding day, with several advantages that come with this kind of arrangement!

1. Less Pressure to Find an Experienced Caterer

Arguably one of the most tedious parts of wedding planning is the research phase, where you spend hours sending seemingly endless emails to caterers looking for the right fit. When you choose a wedding venue with an on-site caterer, it takes the guesswork out of the planning process – you know you’re going to get a wonderful dining experience, without the legwork!

2. Full Kitchen Access

If you’re booking a wedding venue that provides in-house caterers, that means there will be an on-site kitchen, too. This can be an amazing benefit, particularly if you have wedding items that need to be stored. Some common examples include wedding cake, desserts or flowers.

3. You’ll Always Work with an Expert

Planning an event as big as a wedding can be extremely daunting. When you work with an on-site caterer, you can trust that they are a foundational part of the venue and operate in conjunction with every other member of your wedding team. This removes so much stress from your day and gives you the space to simply enjoy your wedding. Working with a team that brings combined expertise will help you through the wedding experience with fewer issues (and more fun to be had!)

4. Enjoy Tastier, Fresher Food

Catering is an important investment, so you want to make sure your reception meal is delicious! When you work with an on-site caterer, you know that all the food for your event will be made fresh – no need to worry about dishes that are being prepped and cooked in advance, only to be transported to the venue and need to be reheated.

Another bonus? Presentation! The options for stunning plating are nearly endless when food transportation isn’t a factor, so you can expect a meal that will truly “wow” your guests.

5. Seamless Dining Experience

Waitstaff that works for venues with in-house catering knows the spaces, kitchen, and layout extremely well, meaning there is less room for error. They will know exactly how the process works, leading to a smooth and enjoyable dining experience! Additionally, they will have everything needed on hand: dinnerware, linens, glasses, all the essentials.

If you choose an outside catering company, they may not be familiar with the venue – this can lead to some bumps in the road because there is simply more room for mistakes!

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Choosing a wedding venue with in-house caterers removes so much stress from your big day! You can rely on a reputable venue like The 1812 Farm for a smooth, enjoyable, and beautiful reception dinner presentation. Together, you and our skilled catering team can design an experience that is completely unique to you! To learn more about our barn venue and catering options, please contact us at The 1812 Farm today.