7 Things the Best Rustic Wedding Venues Always Have

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Though we may be just a little bit biased, there is just no beating a barn wedding venue for your big day. It’s essentially a beautiful blank slate for you to make your wedding exactly as you’ve always dreamed it would be! With any wedding vision comes the logistical details, including accommodations, facilities, and the like. When researching and choosing your wedding space, you’ll want to be sure that it checks all the boxes both aesthetically and logically. The best rustic wedding venues always have a few important key factors at play – keep reading to learn what they are to help you make your decision!

1. Stunning Aesthetic & Scenery

It goes without saying that one of the absolute best things the best rustic wedding venues provide is breathtaking scenery. By choosing an area that has a stunning landscape, it may mean that there is little extra you’ll need to do in terms of decor.

Lighting also plays an enormous role in a rural wedding venue, the best of which should offer both indoor and outdoor spaces for you to host your guests. Taking advantage of the natural light throughout the day can take your wedding from beautiful to utterly magical.

2. Charming Character

Rural wedding venues, particularly barns, typically offer a rich and interesting history. This extra layer boasts a charming character that you simply can’t replicate with a modern space! Historic barns like The 1812 Farm boast high ceilings, wood beams and floors, and charming architectural details that allow you to customize your day exactly as you imagined.

3. Exclusive Use

One of the benefits of choosing a rustic wedding venue is that, unlike a hotel or restaurant venue, you don’t have to worry about sharing the space with anyone besides your guests! This means that there will be no distractions for any staff who are working your wedding and exclusive reign over the property.

4. Ample Parking

Most rustic wedding venues offer plenty of open space for parking, which can create a sense of relief for your guests – especially those who may be traveling from a distance for the wedding festivities! Where a tight parking situation can lead to stress on the big day, knowing that parking is one less thing you’ll have to worry about leading up to your ceremony and reception.

5. Comfortable Space for Getting Ready

The space where your wedding will take place is essential, of course, but there are other on-site factors that should also be available for your big day. Each venue will have its own unique setup, but certain accommodations should not be overlooked – particularly private space to get ready! At The 1812 Farm, our Bristol Suite offers an elegant and soothing space, complete with a sparkling beverage and tasty treat delivered to you as you get ready for the main event. Details like this can truly set the best rustic wedding venues apart from the rest!

6. Flexible Setting

One of the biggest factors that many look for in a barn venue is the backdrop it provides, which in turn comes with nearly endless possibilities for how your day can look. Without the classic decor that a hotel, restaurant, or more traditional venue might have permanently set in place, rustic venues are typically more stripped-down, meaning endless possibilities for your own aesthetic. Whatever your wedding style may be, a beautifully rustic barn venue offers the perfect setting.

7. Autonomy

The rural landscape that brings so much beauty to a rustic wedding venue also adds another important element – the freedom to simply relish in your day. With no need to rush from one site to another, tons of open space for guests to roam, and very likely few neighbors around to complain about noise, you can leave your worries at home and focus on truly enjoying your wedding!

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