8 Things to Look for in Outdoor Barn Wedding Venues

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If you’re in the early wedding planning stages and find yourself asking, “Are there any outdoor barn wedding venues near me?” – you are in luck! Maine is absolutely full of gorgeous, historic barns that can serve as the picture-perfect backdrop for your big day. That said, finding the right barn to serve as your wedding venue starts with knowing what you are looking for – things like accommodations, space, location, and cost all factor in. Narrowing down the most important details for you, your family, and your guests will help you make a decision on a barn venue! Here, we’ve put together a guide for some things to look for in outdoor barn wedding venues.

1. Location

You want your wedding to be accessible to your guests, especially those who may be traveling or don’t live in the area. Is your venue in a central location, or more rural? What is the road quality like? How close is the nearest hotel or other overnight accommodation? Will guests from out of town be able to easily find the venue? Keep all of this in mind when making your final decision on your barn space!

2. Accommodations

Consider what accommodations you may need for a barn wedding. This includes factors such as working restrooms, space to get ready on-site, parking spots, and other important logistical details. Each venue has a different approach, so you’ll want to make a point to ask. Though it can be easy to forget some of the less “fun” planning, it’s equally as important to your overall atmosphere!

3. Local Regulations

Just because a barn may seem more rural doesn’t mean all rules are out the window! Be sure to double-check for any sound ordinances or other regulations that may be in place at each venue. This will help you establish a schedule with your vendors and guests.

4. Space Versatility

As you visit different venues, really take in what the space looks like and be realistic about what it can accommodate. Typically, you will have a good general idea of how many guests you’re anticipating, so be mindful of that as you do your walk-through. Will there be space for everyone comfortably? Do you have the option of spreading out onto a lawn or other area of the property, or will you be in the barn only?

5. Levels of Service Included

How hands-on you want to be with your wedding day details will play a big factor in your choice of barn venue. Some spaces are full-service, meaning they will provide all the decorations, tables, chairs, lighting, and other essentials for the big day. A-la-carte can be less expensive but will require more planning and detail-orientation on the couple’s end. Be sure to ask about what is included in the overall price of each venue!

6. Weather & Temperature

Think about the time of year you’d like to have your wedding. While a barn can typically accommodate any season, there are certain factors that will help make you and your guests more comfortable, regardless of the climate. Confirm that the barn venue has temperature control – air conditioning or fans for those hot summer days, or heating for a colder winter wedding.

7. Overall Aesthetic

Aesthetics are often the reason couples choose a barn as their venue. There is something about that rustic, romantic feeling you get from a barn wedding! By choosing a space that already has the characteristics you’re looking for, it will be much easier to make your decor dreams come to life. If you get a great feeling about a space and can picture how it could look on your wedding day, follow that feeling!

8. Cost Factor

Think long and hard about what your budget is like, and be prepared to have a conversation about cost. There are so many financial factors that go into a wedding budget, you want to feel comfortable with what you can cover. Weighing all of the details above to get a clear idea of how much your big day will cost, and let that guide you to making a decision on your barn venue.

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