Renting a Barn Venue: Factors to Consider

landscape view of barn and pond | barn to rent for events

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event, or even family reunion, finding a barn to rent for events is a great way to host a group for any occasion. Barns provide an elegant, charming setting for your event, with plenty of space for even the largest gathering. There are certain details involved in renting a barn for your event that are unique to this rustic setting, so we’ve put together several important factors to consider before making your decision!


There is definitely a happy medium between secluded privacy and isolation. Making sure your guests are able to find your venue is key to, well, people showing up! Accessibility is important, particularly for guests who may be older or from out of town. If your venue is off the beaten path, include clear instructions and directions for guests to be able to find it more easily.

Additional Rentals

One of the best aspects about a barn venue is that it’s a blank slate for you to decorate with your own unique aesthetic! That said, depending on the venue, you may need to look into renting some basics for your wedding or event. This could include anything from tables and chairs to lighting and decorations. Be sure to ask detailed questions about any needed rentals so you can include it in your budget!

Outdoor Landscaping

An outdoor wedding or event can be absolutely breathtaking! If you plan to spend any time outdoors for your event, consider what the landscaping on the barn’s property looks like. Is there a landscaped lawn for guests to mingle or play lawn games? Picturesque gardens to stroll through or serve as a backdrop for photos? Doing a walk-through of each venue property will help you visualize what to expect for your event!

General Accommodations

Barn venues are not only rustic, but they also tend to be historic. While many barn venues nowadays do have necessities such as electricity and restrooms, it’s always best to double-check – just in case! Proper lighting, accessible restrooms, band amplification, and warm food are all essential to a great event, so be sure to plan accordingly if you need to provide a generator or alternative restrooms!

This goes for temperature control, as well – checking to make sure a barn venue has the proper heating and cooling available will save you stress on the day of your event. If you need to provide any fans, air conditioners or space heaters, you will want to plan for that in advance.

Restrictions and Rules

As with any privately-owned space, there are certain rules and restrictions in place for barn venues that need to be followed. Confirm any insurance policies, licensing, and guidelines related to your event to make sure you are within regulation; this could include catering equipment, noise ordinances, or outdoor fire permits.

Contact the 1812 Farm

If you’re looking for a barn to rent for events, the 1812 Farm is as picturesque as they come! With rustic beams, soaring ceilings, glittering chandeliers, and impeccably preserved early 18th-century details, our Bristol, Maine barn venue serves as the perfect backdrop for any event. Let us host your next special event! To learn more about The 1812 Farm, please contact us today.