Hosting a Weekday Wedding: What You Should Know

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You’re officially engaged, and the wedding planning process has begun. First of all, congratulations! It’s such a wonderful, exciting, and romantic time in a couple’s life together. That said, wedding planning can also get a little challenging. There are just so many intricate details that need to be figured out! As you start to look at dates and venues, consider hosting a weekday wedding – easier to plan, lower costs, better availability and an intimate guest list are just a few of the many benefits this type of wedding can offer. 

We break down the pros and cons of having a weekday wedding below!

Pros of a Weekday Wedding

There are so many advantages of hosting mid-week nuptials! Some of those include:


Saturday is notorious for its wedding day popularity, which means it’s not only harder to lock down a date, but is also generally more expensive. Non-peak days in the wedding industry are Monday through Thursday, so you’ll likely receive discounts (or even, sometimes, incentives) for booking a weekday wedding. If you’re looking to save money, this is a great option!

Secure Your Dream Venue

One of the many perks of a weekday wedding is a higher probability of landing your dream venue! This is great if you have a tighter timeline, are looking for a renowned venue, or have your heart set on a specific date, such as an anniversary. Because of weekend popularity, opening up to a weekday wedding gives you more flexibility when booking your venue – even during peak season! 

Vendor Availability

As with your venue selection, choosing a weekday for your wedding gives you a greater choice of vendors. There’s a lot of competition for booking weekend vendors, and you may not always get your first choice. Check with vendors on their mid-week availability – you may even have the added benefit of a lower rate! 

Intimate Guest List

A weekday wedding will inevitably narrow down your guest list due to outside factors such as work, travel, childcare, etc. Depending on who you ask, having a smaller, more intimate guest count can be a pro or a con! If you want a wedding day surrounded by only your closest friends and family, this could be a great way to organically trim down your guest list and give you more quality time with your loved ones. Just be sure to confirm well in advance with those VIPs to give them enough time for making accommodations.

Lower Travel Expenses

Hosting your wedding on a weekday, particularly if you are having a destination wedding or inviting guests from out of town, can help lower travel expenses! Usually, room rates and airfare are lower during the week when travel isn’t as prevalent, so less demand can make things easier for you and your guests. 

Cons of a Weekday Wedding

Some of the possible “cons” you may encounter when planning a weekday wedding include:

Guest Attendance

As we mentioned, having fewer guests that can attend a weekday can be considered a con, depending on what your ideal wedding day looks like. Last-minute cancellations are also common during the week when folks need to tend to work, school, and childcare, and schedules can be harder to predict. Though there are workarounds, like giving guests notice with plenty of time to plan and request time off, weekday weddings can simply be more challenging to accommodate.

Later Start Time (and Earlier End Time)

If you decide to host your wedding during the week, it’s important to be mindful that many of your guests will likely be coming directly from work. Having a later start time can increase the number of guests who will be able to attend and make the whole experience less stressful.

Additionally, it’s safe to say that most guests will be attending work the next day, so keep that at the forefront of your planning. Your wedding reception will probably be somewhat less lively, as guests may need to leave early that evening or the following morning. Try to get in all the important reception details, like speeches, first dances, and dinner, as early as possible!

Host Your Wedding at The 1812 Farm

Whether you choose a weekday or weekend for your wedding, there are pros and cons to each. Talk with your partner about your priorities and what would make the most sense for the two of you on your big day!

When you do settle on the best day that fits your needs, start reaching out to venues like The 1812 Farm and let us help make your wedding dream a reality. Our stunning 18th-century barn and New England farmhouse, located in beautiful Bristol Mills, Maine, is the ideal venue for any day of the week.  Contact us to learn more about our venue!