How to Plan a Breathtaking Winter Wedding

Maine winter wedding venues

Winter is coming! Considered “off-season” for many, winter weddings have so much going for them – they are utterly romantic! With a winter wedding, you don’t need to worry about summer traffic, guests missing your wedding due to hectic schedules, or sweltering heat ruining hair and makeup. Instead, bask in the (perhaps unexpected!) glory of a stunning, cozy wintertime soiree! As with any wedding, there are always important factors to consider when planning your wedding. Here’s what you should keep in mind as you look for Maine winter wedding venues.

Advantages of Hosting a Winter Wedding

There are many perks to hosting a winter wedding, even in Maine! Some of these benefits include:

Better Date Options (with Better Rates!) – Because there is less competition compared with the summer months, winter wedding date selection is usually flexible and easier to secure. Not only that, but most venues and vendors also offer discounted rates during this time of year.

Affordable Accommodations and Travel – Winter weddings are less expensive for your guests, too! Guests will find cheaper airfare and accommodations if you plan your wedding after the holidays since it will be the “off-season.” 

Something to Look Forward To – Winter blues are real, especially once the holidays wrap up and everyone is counting down the days until spring. Give yourself (and your guests) something to look forward to during the winter months! There is nothing better than a wedding to keep the celebrations going!

6 Winter Wedding Venue Tips

1. Factor in Additional Travel Time

With a Maine winter comes the inevitable bad weather days, which can be unpredictable at best. The best way to ease the stress on the big day is by factoring in extra periods of time for yourself, guests, and vendors to get to your ceremony and reception location. That way, even in inclement weather, you won’t have to worry about anyone running late! This travel tip brings us to our next piece of advice…

2. Try to Just Use One Venue

Host your ceremony and reception at the same venue! This will keep guests warm and cozy, reduce transportation issues, and lead to a smoother day overall. 

At The 1812 Farm, we can host all your winter wedding events on-site – our stunning Bristol Suite is perfect for wedding parties to get ready to celebrate the big day!

3. Boost Ambiance With Candles

Winter in Maine means it gets darker earlier, which is the perfect setting to incorporate lots of glowing candles! This will set the scene for your wedding day and add so much romance to the venue.

4. Incorporate Winter Wedding Colors

Incorporate rich winter colors for a visually remarkable wedding event! Warm jewel tones like ruby, emerald, burgundy, and gold are incredibly beautiful with a snowy backdrop. This goes for your florals, too – use seasonal greens for a chic, wintery twist!

5. Use a Coat Check

Having a coat check isn’t a requirement, but it’s an extra level of accommodation that is sure to “wow” your wedding guests. Then, not only do guests not have to worry about keeping track of their coats, but you won’t have to worry about having them in your photos hanging off the backs of guests’ chairs. It’s a win-win for all!

6. Keep Guests Warm

Even with temperature control in a wedding venue, coming inside on a wintery Maine day can make it hard to warm up. Have a stack of warm blankets for guests to grab on their way in (bonus points if you customize them or use them as wedding favors!) or serve up hot drinks. This will go a long way to ensure everyone is cozy and comfortable throughout your event.

Contact the 1812 Farm

At the 1812 Farm, our restored 18th-century barn venue is open all year long (and temperature-controlled!) for the perfect winter wedding! Nothing is more romantic or elegant than the barn’s rustic beams, soaring ceilings, and sparkling chandeliers against a wintery backdrop. 

To learn more about our Maine winter wedding venue or to schedule a tour, please contact us at The 1812 Farm today!