Why You Should Say “I Do” to a Charming Barn Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Rustic Wedding Venue | Barn Wedding Ceremony

A wedding is one of the most significant events of a person’s life, which means the backdrop of this day should be chosen with care. When planning your big day, consider what you want the venue look, feel and experience to be like. Do you want an elegant yet relaxed venue, with space for people to move about? What about having your ceremony and reception at the same location so you don’t have to worry about transportation? You can find all of these wonderful qualities and so much more with a barn wedding ceremony and reception.

Keep reading to learn why so many couples are choosing barns for their wedding day events – and why you should consider it, too!

One Location for All the Day’s Events

Barn venues are known to be more laid back, which could be because of the fact that a huge stressor is taken out of the equation – the logistics of transportation! You won’t have to worry about getting your guests from your ceremony to your reception; in fact, many barn venues even have a getting ready area for you and your crew to prepare. It will be easier to coordinate your events, and taking out this added stress will make your day so much more enjoyable!

Plenty of Space

This past year, we’ve all realized the immense value of having plenty of space. The beauty of a barn venue is that it can hold all your loved ones so you won’t have to worry about leaving anyone out! This also gives your guests ample opportunity to enjoy the stunning setting of the property. The 1812 Farm offers 2,100 square feet of floor space to host your event – coupled with soaring ceilings and perfectly preserved beams, you and your guests will feel comfortable and relaxed as you enjoy the day!

Unique, Fascinating History

Something about an event space with history makes it that much more unique. The special details about what your venue used to be like will add even more depth to your wedding day love story!

At the 1812 Farm, we know a thing or two about fascinating historic origins! Built in 1790 and moved across the road in 1812 (hence the name!), our venue was the home of Joshua Bradford, great-grandson of the Puritan Governor of Massachusetts, Governor Bradford. You can truly see the history in the breathtaking details reminiscent of the high colonial architecture of the time, which makes for a stunning backdrop on your big day!

Unbeatable Photo Opportunities

With a barn wedding ceremony and reception, every setting is picturesque. Whether it’s taking advantage of the romantic details of the barn itself, sprawling landscaped property, or other unique backdrop details, it’s hard to go wrong with photos.

When you book your wedding at the 1812 Farm, you’ll have ample opportunity to get the perfect shots of your special day! Stroll along our manicured lawn to the bubbling fountain pond, enjoying the fragrance of the blooming flowers as you go. You’re guaranteed to feel peaceful and relaxed as you take it all in!

Your Perfect Barn Venue Awaits at The 1812 Farm

There are so many benefits of a barn wedding ceremony and reception that make it an easy decision! Barn weddings are incredibly special and a wonderful way to celebrate your love. Let us host your barn wedding ceremony and reception in our exceptional space and together we will write your very own piece of history!

For more information about our property at the 1812 Farm or to schedule a tour, please contact us today.