Why You Should Plan an Extended Wedding Weekend

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Why should your wedding experience be limited to a single day? Whether you’re hosting your big day in your hometown or a far-away destination, extending your wedding through the weekend gives you more time with loved ones to celebrate and enjoy being together! Plus, after all the hard work you put into planning, you’ll want it to last as long as possible to soak in every second! Below, we highlight some possibilities of what it could look like to host at a weekend-long wedding venue.

Weekend-Long Wedding Venue Itinerary

Creating a wedding weekend itinerary is an essential part of the planning process. From the first night’s welcome party to the last morning’s farewell brunch, an itinerary will help keep guests informed and allow for a smoother, more relaxed wedding weekend. Enjoy being with those you love instead of worrying about the details! We’ve created an example of a wedding weekend itinerary template to get you started.

Welcome Party

A celebratory welcome party is a perfect kick-off to your wedding weekend! This gives guests a chance to mingle and get to know each other before the festivities, making your actual wedding day that much more fun!

Typically hosted a day or two before the wedding, you’ll want to aim to have most of your guests in town for the event. You could host the welcome party early, such as the Thursday before a Saturday wedding or immediately following the rehearsal dinner on Friday. There are no rules for your welcome party other than bringing together friends and family in a relaxed atmosphere to hang out!

Day Before the Wedding

Depending on where your wedding location is and how many guests are traveling in from away, you may want to arrange some daytime events for those arriving in town early. This could be anything from a golf tournament to a lobster bake – the options are endless, and the thoughtfulness for your guests will not go unnoticed! 

Another great way to accommodate friends and family arriving early is to provide them with a detailed list of local activities. It could include things such as:

  • Scenic parks, walking trails, or even hikes
  • Your favorite restaurants, bakeries, and shops
  • The best places to grab a beer or cocktail, such as breweries or bars
  • Must-see unique local attractions

Rehearsal Dinner

This event is typically more intimate, with immediate family, close friends, and your wedding party. Held the night before your wedding, it allows loved ones to give toasts and for you to show your gratitude for those who have helped you through the wedding planning journey. The rehearsal dinner is often slightly more formal than the welcome party, but you can make it whatever feels true to you! 

Wedding Day

The last thing you should be worrying about on the day of your wedding is what your guests are doing, but it is an extremely thoughtful gesture to ensure your wedding party and immediate family has breakfast before the day’s festivities begin! Hosting this at your hotel or a local restaurant makes things easy for everyone.

After your reception officially concludes, your guests may still be in the mood to hang out and party! Perhaps gather at the hotel bar or plan a local spot out on the town for everyone to congregate after your wedding has wrapped up.

Farewell Brunch

Nothing brings people together like brunch! A farewell morning-after brunch is a great way to wind down from the high of your wedding and get even more quality time with loved ones. This is an opportunity to really spend time with those who’ve traveled in to celebrate! These brunches are typically more casual and a nice gesture for guests still in town. Try to choose an earlier start time that coordinates well with hotel check-outs, such as 9:30 or 10AM, for those who may be anxious to hit the road.

Plan Your Wedding Weekend at The 1812 Farm

As you plan your big day, consider looking into weekend-long wedding venues to host each of your wonderful events! The 1812 Farm has years of experience hosting various types of weddings, so you can trust that we will be there to guide you through every step for a perfect wedding weekend. Learn more about our availability here, or check out our weekend pricing options here

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